Ali ACC was added brands such as Gucci and Tiffany exit boycott

May 13th news, since a month ago the international anti fake Alliance (IACC) accepted the Alibaba as a member, Tiffany & Co. announced its withdrawal from the organization. It is worth noting that, after Tiffany Michael Kors, Gucci and other brands, the latest decision made by the merchant.


It is reported that in

, Tiffany sent an email to IACC local time on Wednesday said it will withdraw from the organization and the board of directors. However, the reason for the exit, Tiffany did not explicitly mention.

actually, although Ali put a fake attitude, but it is still not fake sincerity brands optimistic. Since April, some brands have questioned and criticized the IACC’s decision to accept Ali, has more than 20 brands expressed dissatisfaction anonymously, Michael Kors, Gucci and other brands are directly withdraw from IACC in protest.

, which Michael Kors attitude is most clear, the company said, IACC accepted Ali to become a member, is tantamount to giving the brand the most dangerous and most dangerous enemies to provide shelter, so decided to quit IACC.

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