nnovation workshop was FC1500 million investment Li Kaifu said to push the model to the world

sina science and technology news on April 25th afternoon news, Innovation workshop and the world bank group member IFC held a joint press conference today, IFC will invest $15 million to the $third innovation workshop. Innovation workshop chairman Li Kaifu also revealed at the meeting, the third phase of the Innovation workshop to raise funds to be completed, but the specific size of the fund will be announced after the end of the collection.

IFC (International Finance Corporation) is a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest focus on emerging markets private sector development of global development assistance agencies. In fiscal year 2015, IFC’s long-term investment in developing countries is close to $18 billion, mainly to help the private sector in the global eradication of extreme poverty and promote common prosperity.

at the press conference, IFC official told Sina Technology, the LP innovation works, not only is the value of innovation works in Chinese entrepreneurial innovation aspect influence, also hope that the future can be in the process of globalization is becoming more and more innovative, able to find more Chinese venture through innovation works.

IFC is responsible for TMT, venture capital and private equity fund director Atul Mehta said: "we believe that innovation works will continue to play an important role in the creation of Chinese entrepreneurial ecosystem, many of its investment and development strategy of China IFC increase the supply of goods and services highly consistent. We also hope that, in the process of supporting more areas of incubators, accelerators, support more entrepreneurship, innovation, Innovation workshop can become an important partner of our IFC."

Innovation workshop founder Li Kaifu said that the recognition of the IFC, in addition to access to financial support, but also to play a role in the globalization of innovation workshops. "After 6 years of development, the business model and value have been recognized by the market, and we also hope that the future will be able to innovate the mode of workshop to other parts of the world."

Innovation workshop was founded by former president of Google Greater China, Li Kaifu, in September 2009, the first in China to create a "investment + incubator" model precedent. Innovation works currently managed by the fund’s three dollar fund and the composition of the fund, the fund currently manages more than 7 billion yuan of RMB two.

as of March 2016, innovation works has invested in more than and 200 projects, mainly involving large data, digital entertainment, intelligent hardware, O2O and shared economy, online education, business services, cloud computing, e-commerce and so on; the investment stage from the initial round of seed, extend to the angel round, A round, B round, C round. (Li Gen)

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