To the spring heating group purchase

after a year of explosive growth, since the second half of the year, about 2000 small group buying site closed down, about 12% of the local group buying site does not enter the user update zombie state. Facing the turning point of the industry, many choose heating group purchase website, Juhuasuan group purchase platform in the Alibaba group, against the group purchase industry reshuffle.

in the largest group purchase website Juhuasuan 2012 open strategy conference, Juhuasuan group Alibaba fully open to partners of millions of active users and traffic, open 600 million yuan of funds from 600 million yuan loans and venture capital alliance Ali financial Alibaba group, make the group purchase and other types of enterprises to participate in the platform ofbaotuan winter, also said the U.S. mission network, and other well-known domestic group purchase site Gaopeng will also be added to the system to open. The United States, friends, and other well-known group purchase website has been sold out in Juhuasuan, the 2011 total annual transactions amounted to 10 billion 180 million yuan group purchase platform.

from the three quarter of the previous term, group purchase website the explosive growth of the bubble gradually, financing difficulties, not profit, refused to pay cuts, layoffs Listed Small and medium-sized group purchase website failures frequently. According to statistics, the industry tends to shift from extensive to intensive. In November data, for example, the number of transactions between 10 million to 100 million of the number of sites in, turnover of -5 billion in the site has a total of 6, turnover of more than 500 million of Juhuasuan’s only 1.

for the current dilemma faced by the group buying site, is a rational return after the crazy growth last year. In this case, the site has been bought into a group to resist the buy industry reshuffle.

was because a lot of group purchase website is directed to the risk investment, which did not pay attention to business, so that once the shortage of funds, "burn" can not afford the money, they closed their doors. But most of the enterprises on the localization of life services and e-commerce group purchase industry still full of confidence, the key is to find a good platform and the team, the team needs the profit for group purchase participants, brought real benefits to consumers.

Alibaba group fully open Juhuasuan 2012 open strategy provides a good platform for small and medium-sized enterprise group purchase group purchase website, frequently collapse events will be staged? The "heating" really can help the group purchase website to spring


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