UAV delivery robot sorting stream courier 2017 what is worth looking forward to the new look

December 20, 2016, the Guizhou Meitan tea farmers Yongliang a box of Mao Feng tea handed in through courier, this is the first day of the Anthony tea business. Through the express freight driver Wang Zhi will put this box of tea on the car, which is the last day of the day to send the goods sent to Wang Zhi. December 21st, Li Zhaojun, who lives in Guiyang sand road received this box to buy tea online.

this is China’s express delivery industry of 300th billion express, and every express as quietly completed the entire logistics process.

"2016-2021 Chinese express industry development analysis and investment potential research report" shows that the size of the market Chinese courier industry since 2010 showed rapid growth, early 2010 to early 2015, China courier business volume from 2 billion 340 million to 20 billion 600 million, five years more than tripled. Over the same period, courier business revenue increased from 57 billion 500 million yuan to $276 billion, an increase of 4.8 times over the past two years, is expected in 2016, the volume of express business will reach up to 26 billion 500 million, the business revenue will reach $352 billion.

in the capital injection, upgrading the electricity supplier, industry standardization and technology promotion under the influence of the logistics and express industry in 2016 ushered in a jump, also contributed to the transformation of industry from labor-intensive to technology intensive. Big data platform to strengthen the deployment of capacity, automatic sorting robot to improve efficiency, UAV delivery threats artificial transportation, etc., are the logistics industry in 2016 by technology driven changes.


(Figure: NetEase)

Alibaba, Jingdong, Suning electronic business platform focus on logistics and express link degree of self built logistics chain, grow with each passing day, complete the courier architecture socialization, improve customer self provided mechanism and so on is a 2016 round of the game.

2017, the domestic logistics courier industry will go on? After more than 1 years of fermentation, review the logistics industry has gone through the road, we can see some clues.

: a trend of listed tide outbreak, heating trend Sheng

in October 26, 2015, the State Council "" several opinions on promoting the development of express industry pointed out that in 2020 the scale of Chinese express industry to a new step, the courier business volume reached 50 billion, annual revenue reached 800 billion yuan. The Opinions also encourage various types of capital into the courier field according to law, to support the merger and reorganization of listed companies, listing and financing, integration of small and medium enterprises, optimize the allocation of resources to achieve strong alliances, complementary advantages.

policy urges, and the high-speed expansion of the market’s thirst for capital for the 2016 China logistics express delivery enterprises ushered in a listing tide.

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