Stationmaster net broadcast group loan net 660 million is sold behind a APP how to do the 20 million

1 group loan network is sold behind the 660 million: gambling, asset separation, timely cash  

(June 1st) yesterday evening, I was informed that the ranking in Top10~Top20 mutual gold platform, net lending group, with the price of 660 million yuan sold. The buyer is the suspension has long Hao Dunning (002356), propaganda to borrow Loan Corporation to enter the jewelry industry supply chain finance.

thing itself is nothing, but its acquisition is very interesting, so I went to the relevant website to read the key to continue the suspension notice, the original up to eight pages.

below, for this transaction, will be from three aspects: the gambling agreement, asset stripping and timely cash in three dimensions, to interpret the event itself and some of the possible situation behind.

2 inventory rebate shopping platform "mobile" turn:, America grapefruit, in, Beibei, wake up  

Taobao’s rise for several years, Hangzhou has become the electricity supplier of all, the flow of dividends has spawned a lot of Amoy brand, essentially all the value of Ali church flow, traffic monetization teaching, to cultivate a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs for the hard work in the mobile Internet era. With Taobao on the rebate shopping guide website of policy changes, these entrepreneurs have also changed the direction, out of Taobao and began to try to do more shopping rebate.

so, we see that, with the rise of Taobao’s most rebate shopping sites have transformation. Many of the entrepreneurs, there are a lot of the rebate shopping started: such as, in, America grapefruit, babe network, all of them are, barbaric growth out of the. Among them, some relative to the past form already beyond recognition, some others are sporadic mutations snatched from the jaws of death.

3 Baidu post bar, micro-blog, WeChat fans between the three operators  

Baidu post bar

stick accumulated a lot of it and the user, has become the world’s largest Chinese community, is the first choice to do SNS marketing platform.

(1) before posting familiar with the bar to read the rules of the environment (do a good job we know everyone)

(2) do not send those two-dimensional code, would be likely to 100%

(3) in the Post Bar mix familiar, enhance the level of

(4) to prepare their own marketing brand to create a good post bar, do a good job in their own post marketing advertising (we all know)

(5)’s owner, see individual Sina micro-blog


4.5 domestic browser market share: Chrome share rose to 35.02% 

, according to the latest statistics from Baidu, shows that in the domestic browser market in May,

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