Since the new version of the 12306 online site claiming to buy fast lightning


Beijing, December 6 (reporter Li Jinlei) today, China Railway Customer Service Center on the official website of the new version of the test run on the line 12306. The new version of the automatic query, automatic submission of orders, there is a reminder of the votes and other functions, which means that the 12306 sites automatically grab votes.

Chinese railway company said in December 4th, the new version of the page to improve at the same time, launched the "more options" function, using this function, the passengers in the car, entry date, number, banquet and other information, the 12306 site to provide passengers with a new, dynamic brush automatic submission services.

new network reporter at 0:30 on December 6th to log on to the 12306 site, from its home page on the left side of the " click on the new version of the ticket ". The reporters found that the new version of the automatic query and booking system to increase the "more options" function, the more options include automatically submit orders, alternative date (up to 5 alternative date), priority number, priority (I do not choose up to five, I do not have the votes to remind the priority) (Music whistle remind) other functions.

this means that the 12306 site to achieve automatic grab votes. Reporters try to search the December 24th Beijing train to Harbin, check the "automatic inquiry", the lower right corner of the screen will soon pop up "Congratulations, brush ticket trips" prompt box, and sent a whistle to remind music, successfully brush to 2013-12-24 T157 inferior 14 train demonstrated frame". The reporter then click on a train "book" button, the pop-up "website immediately user login prompt box, username, password and verification code input to reporters, but because in the system maintenance time (23:00-7:00), the ticket can not experience the next process.

interesting is that the reporter will stay on the mouse more options button, it will pop up in advance to fill in the ticket information to help you buy tickets such as lightning flash. While the 12306 website whether in the upcoming spring to allow users to experience "the purchase of lightning fast" feeling, has yet to be tested. (end)

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