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is the replacement of old and new natural law constant. 80 after they have spent thirty years of age, began to take over the world a simple list of the ten Internet industry heavyweights, to illustrate this phenomenon for 80 who cheer, also provide reference for 90 occupation planning.

1 dimensional (drops taxi founder and CEO)


Cheng Wei, born in 1983, 8 year old staff Ali, former deputy general manager of Alipay B2C, started the business in 2012, founded the taxi drops small orange Technology (drops taxi company). List the reasons: 1) the rapid and efficient completion of drops and quick consolidation, will be out of business competing products price war pull wide product line and vertically into the car, SF car market, three years to make a mobile travel platform will be the largest in Asia, a small company to achieve $15 billion of the market value of brand enterprises; 2) successfully poaching Goldman receive its history the youngest managing director Liu Qing, completed the capital market layout, and by Liu Qing have got $700 million, to $2 billion in financing; in the world’s largest travel market China taxi market share of more than 90%, more than 80% car market, 10 times Uber second.

2 Li Mingyuan (Baidu vice president)


Li Mingyuan, born in 1983, Baidu’s 10 year old employees, responsible for the post bar, know, ah, a former vice president of UC products, and then return to Baidu. Baidu vice president, is the general manager of Baidu mobile services group. List the reasons: 1) in July 2014 was promoted to a member of the E-Staff, Baidu officially entered the highest decision-making level, become the BAT in the history of the youngest member of the highest decision-making level; 2) holds the lifeblood of Baidu in the mobile Internet era, Baidu’s 14 application under paragraph 9 of the billions of dollars, Li Mingyuan said, will determine the Baidu mobile the future of the Internet and even the entire domestic pattern of the Internet people not much.

3 (jumei.com founder Chen ou, NYSE youngest CEO



Chen, born in 1983, the founder of jumei.com, GG-Game’s founder and CEO, Stanford University has received the certificate of MBA, established in 2010, the United States, in 2014 the United States listed on the NYSE, the company listed on the market value of $3 billion 800 million, $1 billion 500 million worth of broken Chen ou. List the reasons: 1) Chinese fastest listed Internet Co, the NYSE’s youngest listed company CEO, has to build two amazing Internet Co; 2) is leading the United States to do the service, trillion market impact of O2O, the United States is expected to get a big breakthrough.

4 Lynch (tour family network founder and CEO, A)

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