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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 3rd news, recently launched the ad Maxthon browser fast forward function caused a great disturbance in the video site. Maxthon has recently launched the right look version, support free watch online video advertising fast forward, the user can click the video frame on the fast forward button, fast skip video content patch advertising.

can quickly skip the video content of the ads! This is not to the life of the video site, we all know what is the core of the video site earnings, not rely on advertising. Maxthon so let video website is how to eat. In fact, this is not the first time on the browser and video site war. Since last year, the third party software for video advertising campaigns of "encirclement and suppression" has quietly started the first Kingsoft cheetah browser screen Youku video ad placement, after 360 and the emergence of a variety of browsers shielding Baidu ads, two cases of the third party software have been lost, but this did not make similar action to stop.

CEO Chen Mingjie said the Maxthon Maxthon browser, R & D immediately see the intention is to give users a choice that belongs to users. Maxthon fast forward video can fast forward to the whole video, rather than just "commercials". Maxthon browser has consulted legal experts, not for a single site, it is not stiff deprived video website advertising revenue opportunities, but the option to return to the user, allowing the user to choose.

According to the

Chinese network audiovisual industry white paper, 2013 China network audiovisual industry market segments are to achieve a qualitative leap, the network video users reached 405 million, the total number of Internet users in the country accounted for more than 68%; the annual online video advertising industry scale more than 9 billion yuan, the scale exceeded 12 billion yuan, online video has more than China become the first Internet social network when the length of service. Youku, potatoes, Iqiyi and other video sites have been very influential, or walk in the road to market listing. However, made distinctions won in battle video ads for these websites is facing before pursuing after the interception of dilemma. More and more online video advertisements from every kind of shielding code to software to hardware this is not the only one.

In fact,

for the fast forward advertising on the network is no less to be discussed, this is really a dilemma. From the user’s point of view from the initial 15 seconds to 45 seconds, 60 seconds or even 90 seconds, which really affects the user experience. For the video website "as a content provider, the video site spends a large amount of cost for procurement, production, and the vast majority of them free to the user, in order to recover the cost of advertising revenue, which is currently the industry’s core profit model." Although the video site has a membership fee system can skip ads, but in China to pay the scale of the formation of the need to take some time. So for the video site is the core of earnings or advertising.


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