Certified public number micro multi choice private single transaction consumer rights difficult

wanted to buy a friend through WeChat assured, commodity hand found The name falls short of the reality. due to face only silence, thinking; through WeChat to spend less, after the results of pay are directly pull the black…… When WeChat "circle of friends" has become a "business circle", after various problems of this non professional online shopping platform.

recently, the reporter learned from the Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry and other departments, the public in the case of WeChat shopping cheated gradually increased in the case of. Because the threshold is too low and the lack of supervision, micro business transactions often appear in a variety of disputes, fraud, and even some certified public number, usually also inform the customer with the new exchange, in an attempt to bypass the public number for "private" transactions.

many consumer rights problems

Shijiazhuang public Liu has always wanted to buy an Apple phone, after being introduced to join a WeChat circle of friends chat group, and with a group of people in the market to buy Apple phone to add friends. After bargaining, Liu agreed to 3000 yuan to buy a Hong Kong version of Apple’s mobile phone. Liu will pay the money through online banking, other unresponsive. Liu repeatedly asked questions and doubts, the other side will pull black.

Liu followed by the police, but because they can not remember who was introduced to join the chat group, there is no other phone number, can not provide effective clues to the police, increasing the difficulty of the detection of the case.

Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment responsible person, WeChat "circle of friends" in the fraud have occurred, it was more common in the name of purchasing money, some purchasing selling fakes, there is no goods, get money immediately disappear.

WeChat shopping rights after being cheated, it seems more difficult for consumers. Since WeChat is just a chat exchange tool rather than a professional online shopping platform, WeChat operators on the circle of friends shopping and no special regulation. If consumers can provide documentary evidence, the nuclear is real, the WeChat platform can account for illegal title processing, but consumers trading losses are more difficult to restore.

Shijiazhuang city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 command center staff told the reporter, "circle of friends" in the so-called "derivative" is often not the store, consumers will not ask the relevant bill, after the goods are found to have problems, it is difficult to rights. Even if can provide relevant bills, many derivative money disappeared after delivery, but also to deal with consumer rights Not the least trace was found., and the relevant departments of the investigation difficult.

non professional online shopping platform lack of regulation

it is understood that the current WeChat "circle of friends" in the "derivative" of two, after a WeChat certification, submit a variety of procedures, open the WeChat payment in the transaction, usually by the public number or APP to collection, relatively informal; another is not certified and audit the WeChat platform. In the name of a person released photos and advertisements in the circle of friends, the transaction will not go WeChat channel, but directly through online banking.

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