Zhang Yanmei you are more than experience Chen CEO

      August 3rd news, Shanda this week in the internal implementation of "game formula management" mode, the future will be like grand staff role playing games, get a promotion or raise the opportunity to enhance the experience value of "leveling". Zhang Yanmei, senior vice president of sina this morning to decrypt the exclusive mode of Shanda Shanda technology management mode of mind and more details.

in an interview with Zhang Yanmei even said that if an ordinary employee performance continued excellent, and continue to make an important contribution to the company, the value of experience is entirely possible beyond Chen Tianqiao, "the game is to make management more of the second and third generation of Chen Tianqiao talent shows itself."

Zhang Yanmei interview for the following record:

sina science and technology: Shanda proposed this game management model is the original intention of what?

Zhang Yanmei: in fact, we started a year ago, "game management" research and design. Shanda has been looking for a match, and the internationalization of enterprises but also reflects its own characteristics of management mode, we have absorbed the advantages of Western and Oriental occupation management of family management, but we found that "the last game style management" is the most suitable for our management.

sina science and technology: whether this is because Shanda is a game company?

Zhang Yanmei: right. We are doing the game, has a mature operating experience. Management of the game, the service user’s experience can be very effective as a reference for the design of our game management model, and it is easy to get the understanding and recognition of employees, the formation of a common language".

Sina Technology: can this be understood as employees have more autonomy?

Zhang Yanmei: yes. Prior to the promotion of staff, pay is the boss or the personnel department to say, now is the experience value, the final say. Shanda recently put each post, each level of wages are transferred to the highest level, as long as the employees experience enough, you can get promotion promotion, get higher wages, which is what we call "give yourself a raise".

sina science and technology: if it is an automatic upgrade, pay, then the existence of the human resources department is redundant?

Zhang Yanmei: human resources can be understood as the game’s GM, can also be understood as the customer service in the game, to help employees better, faster Daguai upgrade". We used to work, consider the development and growth of employees is not much, the game management after the human resources department, freed from the heavy transaction, more like an expert role, to provide value-added services for employees.

sina science and technology: the staff to pay their own wages, whether there will be unfair situation? Because everyone thinks they are the best.

Zhang Yanmei: if you are really the best, then your experience must be the fastest. It depends on our initial system design

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