Online shopping sellers forced push promotional advertising to strengthen the electricity supplier s

in recent years, the rapid development of the electricity supplier army, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to break out from the fierce competition, many businesses attach importance to publicity and marketing, open SMS advertising bombing mode, to send promotional information to consumers. Which is one of the most messages, a push cannot unsubscribe. Online shopping is a promotional message around the experience, let consumers be pestered beyond endurance.

promotional messages like "behind the psoriasis like are not about to chaos, reflects the lack of internal supervision of electronic business platform. Such harassment SMS has risen, consumer complaints four, influence of online shopping atmosphere. The electricity supplier as the third party service platform, to be blamed, for remediation chaos, business platform, an antidote against the disease is imminent.

online shopping promotions, consumers refer to "vulnerable"

"reported the main small shop spring new day now 20 percent off discount", "full of 200 legislation to reduce the limit of 50, the time to start buying it!"!"…… These types of promotional messages complex, I believe many people have been accustomed to online shopping. According to voice of China reported that recently there is a network of sellers can not resist the invasion of consumers, Ms. Wang reflects her after an online shopping, businesses continue to receive text messages sent to advertising. When she was in accordance with the message, send "TD" unsubscribe messages, but received SMS reply "for treatment failure, please call or visit the official membership change of personal data".

according to this reply, Ms. Wang to unsubscribe from the merchant independent SMS advertising, should also become the first store member, by modifying the data to unsubscribe message. In this regard, the store customer service said, because Ms. Wang is not a member, not binding information, customer service cannot check unsubscribe, can only reflect the situation to the superior.

was removed in the face of such a complex unsubscribe procedure, I believe that many consumers had to give up, businesses continue to suffer harassment. In this regard, said in a China Consumer Association expert consultant Qiu Baochang, the new Consumer Protection Law Article 29 of the last paragraph stipulates that without the consent of the consumer, or express have rejected the request, not to send commercial information. The business side, without the consent of consumers to send business information behavior, has been suspected of illegal. In addition, set up membership threshold in the unsubscribe link, consumers need to wait longer to give reply to the behavior, it is suspected of infringement of compulsory transaction, the consumer’s right to choose.

electricity supplier often crossed the line, courage come?

fact, SMS advertising is not just the rise of the electricity supplier marketing tools. One of the means as businesses propaganda, advertising messages if consent of consumers, to obtain the reasonable application, this is undoubtedly one of the businesses and consumers have no harm. But in the end, what is more often induce electricity supplier to the consumer line, forced to send SMS advertising? Comprehensive view, reason behind the chaos of the advertising messages are mainly in the following two aspects.

a huge economic benefits brought about by the flooding > advertised

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