High reputation marketing you can learn Word of mouth is really as long as the 7 strokes

The so-called

is actually the word of mouth marketing, word of mouth.


we bought a new dress, the feeling that this dress is very beautiful, very valuable, they can not help but to recommend to friends around.

we would like to buy a laptop computer, usually also consult to understand this area of friends, listen to what they have good suggestions and opinions. And asked friends, often will be very excited and not to mind taking the trouble to help us analyze and summarize.

these are the basic form of word of mouth marketing.

first, academic research on how to say the word of mouth?

University of Rochester assistant professor of marketing Lovett and other scholars of the 3 study provides us with a very good guide.

1, social orientation: self esteem and hope to be respected psychological

an important reason for consumers to create a reputation in life, is to provide that others don’t have the experience, let oneself like, get the confidence and sense of value, but also want to let others feel admire or respect for yourself, this in psychology is called "self strengthening".

you can use this to strengthen the consciousness of self, to shape the brand, let it in the user psychology formed in "quality" and "unique", also is to make the user feel, rather than your own, you should go to the pursuit of customer value, or the concept of creation can arouse consumers identity and attached to the top of the brand, which is the key word spread. For example:

Apple Computer "think different", the fashion brand Levi’s "quality and style coexistence", "boldly do sports brand Nike"…… Many of the classic slogan of successful brands, is the main self reinforcing psychological.


2, emotional orientation: provoke emotional

The key lies in the formation of provoking emotion

this reputation, such as the traditional accepted practice: to improve customer satisfaction, customer service experience in the whole process to maintain high positive emotions, such as sea fishing.

is also using a variety of means to remind people of the excitement, the mass media are very good at this, for example: the title of the party, lustrous and dazzling social news, a man bites a dog, a miracle, ordinary people eat elephants, ants can achieve a similar incident effect. But the gameplay is available, but is also very risky, could well play more conspicuous, Zaoxin is playing bad


3, function oriented: information needs is an important cause of

why many industries will have product evaluation, product promotion and trial of these means of communication, when the computer had just begun, evaluation, quotes and other articles are lovers love to see, even with repeated studies. Mobile phone Era

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