Adsense network broadcast Wang Sicong hit sixty million buy wanda com ZERO animation domain name sto

1 I do not buy his son to buy Wang Sicong hit sixty million Wanda domain name

yesterday, "Chinese reports" Wanda Wang Sicong micro-blog " jump domain news triggered public onlookers. At present, the exposure of the domain name is buyers Wanda Prince Wang Sicong ye, which help dad Wang Jianlin scored Wanda Group is the main domain name to 60 million price move, has become a hot topic in the industry.

it is understood that the domain name has been previously, investors in Xiamen small flash hands, in Nanjing last year was very convenient company boss Xu Xianming, the Larry domain had jump o’fei network and kilometer network, while holding the domain name in the domain name Wanda, the road has been lack of the domain name, can not help but feel regret and the blunder.

2 Hongling venture billion yuan bad debts: for the class bank P2P sounded the alarm  

the afternoon of August 28th, Hongling venture a million yuan loan overdue notice, so this is known as "P2P industry’s largest bad from the rumors become reality. Hongling venture commitment, from the beginning of September 10th, will pay all the principal loan batch.

since March of this year, in order to cope with the risk of borrowing, Hongling venture capital ratio to start borrowing risk reserve, but the emergence of the billion bad debts, has broken through the safety of the risk reserve. "First Financial Daily" the reporter was informed that at present Hongling venture capital risk reserve and a total of about 140 million yuan, of which the risk reserve for more than 8000 yuan, not enough to advance.

from the beginning of March this year, Hongling venture on a large loan business, the current amount of its large loan amount of nearly 2 billion 400 million yuan, to close the loan is to reach $3 billion 300 million. After the advance, Hongling venture capital strength will hit, also a hidden danger for the subsequent payment ability.

3 ZERO animation domain name stolen: the site can still be normal access to  ?

reported last night, ZERO cartoon network official blog announced that the ZERO domain name changed to animation in the near future, will be the first time to notify you. The reason for the recent failure to log is stolen account after the account was not found in time, leading to the domain name stolen can not apply for the return. Due to the official website of the domain name resolution has not changed, at present, the domain name is still normal access.

it is understood that the ZERO cartoon network is a comprehensive discussion of comicfans animation platform. Recently, there are users released micro-blog said, emergency help!! zero animation network with wood, click directly into the web site error correction navigation". After a few days, ZERO animation network official announcement that the domain name stolen, the site will replace the new domain name

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