Baidu’s future go where to talk about Baidu

      China Baidu network technology company should know.

      two young people returning from the United States from January 2000 to venture capital from Silicon Valley to return to Zhongguancun to create Baidu network technologies.
      Baidu signed in May 2000 the first customer Silicon Valley power (, Baidu products began to provide services to users.
      in June 2000 Baidu officially launched the world’s largest, fastest, latest Chinese search engine, and announced the full access to China’s Internet technology.
      August 2000 Baidu began service Sohu ( to provide services.
      September 2000 Baidu officially launched for enterprise users through network in information retrieval system.
      September 2000 DFJ, IDG and other internationally renowned Vc firm invested huge sums of money for Baidu. Until March 2004 China’s search engine survey revealed that Baidu monopoly Chinese search market. Until now is just a few years time, Baidu has developed into an empire. The Chinese people on the so-called empire is how to look at it and how to look at the foreign Baidu?

      I heard that Baidu has extended to Japan a few months ago. After hearing the news I believe in great excitement. But I think it seems a bit too. Why do I have this feeling? This is to say that my opinion on Baidu’s p>.
      Baidu has produced a lot of price promotion effect, this effect if you use them to explain them. You will be very surprised. There are a lot of online display. But behind the rich results and give an impression of how users and customers of the


      Baidu phone marketing, Baidu branch operations, Baidu ranked after the troubles and so on. Baidu phone marketing is really very powerful, it is really hard to make people want to hate it. If you are a project manager, if you want to develop a web site, if you are the boss of a company, there is Baidu people will find you. This sentence is my original, you don’t copy oh. What is Baidu for the users? Find the information you want to get on? But through Baidu PPC, will not have the strength of the construction site in front of him. Few of us search habits will point to the third page to check.



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