Tmall open overseas outlets do import who will be caught

news March 22nd, held earlier this month in the global business communication meeting, Ali official announced that this year, the import strategy upgrade will be explored in the general trade import mode, through the global direct supply, overseas direct, full channel distribution system construction, upgrade strategic cooperation with global business. The day before, billion state power network discovery, a "Tmall Overseas Direct stores in March 18th has quietly login Tmall platform.


At present,

, Tmall and Tmall in the international home, billion state power network did not find any promotion or entrance on the "Tmall overseas direct, but found through search. Its identity as a Tmall shop and other platforms parallel.



store is currently the only baby food, and personal care category three area, product category is very limited. The area of maternal and child of a total of 16 SKU, including diapers Kao, king, unicharm three brands, and Pigeon Japan wipes. Delicacy area a total of 24 SKU, including Tom, Orion, Schneider, phlai farm Pepperidge farm and Dante 6 overseas brand products. The personal care area is only a lion brand 29 products.


can be seen, the store sold almost all of the products for the past two years because of cross-border electricity supplier and fire up the imported goods, that is, the so-called standard items, burst. According to the introduction of the relevant web pages can be seen, the shop all goods for overseas direct mining, that is, general trade imports. Therefore, different from the cross-border imports of goods can not be defects in return, Tmall overseas outlets can provide 7 days no reason to return service.

for the concept of "direct", billion state power network through the customer service solution was informed that the store is from the "Hangzhou Tmall Supply Chain Management Company Limited" solely responsible, including commodity management, operations, customer service and customer service etc..

A Tmall

business also pointed out to billion state power network, the store mode should be similar to the Tmall supermarket, Tmall does not directly touch the goods, but is responsible for all operations. The selection of the business (brand or dealer) will be sent to the designated warehouse Tmall, the user orders, by Tmall overseas stores responsible for shipping and all after-sales service.

As for the Tmall

overseas outlets how to profit, the merchant said, if according to the Tmall supermarket, the price of products sold by the merchant to decide, rather than self mode, operators buying stock profit. "Tmall supermarket to supply businesses in accordance with the different categories of a commission, the Tmall overseas outlets could be the same."

in this mode, the business is very willing to work with him, he is more independent than pure suppliers, but also get the support of Tmall." The merchant said.


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