Taobao car owners to open the door of the top four underwear underwear


] February 19th news billion state power network, Taobao added a female owner column channel, mainly around the female owner of car accessories and other extension products, contains seat cover, car perfume, headrest cushion, seat backrest, stickers and other products.


Taobao car owners column channel screenshot

billion state power network found from the page, the female hot models are mainly the Beatles, panda POLO, flying, Volkswagen Scirocco, TOYOTA Yaris, Skoda Jingrui models. Taobao is also based on the preferences of the female car owners style and material to differentiate all kinds of jewelry inside and outside the car. In addition to car accessories, Taobao also extends to all kinds of material through the women’s daily necessities, including underwear, shoes, bags and other categories on hand.

female owners in the column to extend the product screenshot

more interesting is that this week in the best female owner column list underwear occupy four.

insiders said that Taobao products recommended by different consumer groups, can precipitate vertical people better, car as a special product of low frequency, high price, not easy to cause the female impulse buying is also very difficult to have effective viscosity, and car accessories around the female owner and other products is very good to make up for this point.

in the face of a variety of vertical web site competition at the same time, Ali also began to attach importance to their vertical category defense line. It is reported that Alibaba group in April 2015 announced the integration of its automotive related businesses, the establishment of the Department of Ali automotive. In addition to Taobao, Tmall has set up Ali automotive sector, the integration of new cars, used cars, car loans, Jushi, electronic navigation, auto parts etc. all kinds of brand products.

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