115 difficult turn the inevitable growth dilemma

The easier it is to make the

earlier, the greater the challenge will come. Easy is bound to pay the price, which is the equivalent of Internet products exchange rules".

Author: Xia Yi

in Chinese network storage products to almost overwhelming ranking the whole market first "115 SkyDrive", suddenly encountered a lot of people that the "sudden death" — as a network of online storage services for the general public in August 7, 2012 115, SkyDrive in the absence of any warning, closed public sharing function.

After closing

share function, Alexa site map data, 115 SkyDrive draw a poignant decline curve. As of October 26, 2012 115, SkyDrive (115.com) world rankings from more than 500 fell to 1009, down nearly 460 page views; (Pageview) fell nearly 50% in 3 months, the arrival rate of more than half of the decline.

prior to 115, SkyDrive in the end how much cattle? In the "commercial value" magazine interview, one was responsible for the "flow" in a number of well-known Internet Co special industry insiders say: "although many places including 115 data warehouse, HUAWEI, SkyDrive and other options in providing resources to download links in 115, but other leading opponents too much. According to the utilization rate, 115 should account for more than 80% market share."

intuitive feeling is that in a long time with a variety of resources Baidu search, random point to open the top of the search results, everywhere 115 figure. A more specific example is the well-known "mobile Internet products, it has hundreds of thousands of Buka comic" love comics active users use storage service 115, the peak can reach 1G per second flow. In other words, only this one product, one of its users to download more than 115 hours of comic resources from 3000G.

all day long 24 hours, massive comics, film and television, games and other resources, web and mobile products into the tens of thousands of users from 115, and into the computer and mobile phone; at the same time, there have been massive resources from the client to upload to the website and mobile products, and into the 115 server.

to the end of May 2012 115, SkyDrive has more than 40 million registered users, the server users upload resources can not be measured, and in the form of a link, the 115 meridians have permeated the entire Internet China various products and resources demand in the download page. It is because of its strong, November 2011 115, SkyDrive is located in Guangdong science and Technology Co., 115 received $20 million A round of financing.

results, in the snowball resources in the user, between the site and 115 rolling after more than 3 years, suddenly in the middle of the user download hard to cut down,

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