Union notice The new union moves SOHO modern city

in order to better serve the main site service, the new alliance officially moved to the A of modern city office in August 18, 2007 2804, therefore, may affect the speed of data in recent days, this grand to webmaster apologize!

our door is always open to you, I am very welcome to come to visit you.

in addition, in recent days, due to the company in the migration, may temporarily unable to connect, please feel free to call our mobile phone or 010-85803328 contact us.

thank you for your support over the past year, the next few months, the new company will continue to launch new products, but also a lot of attention to our development and dynamic.

sincerely, and wish you a happy Valentine’s day China!

Beijing new online information technology Co., Ltd. www.myiee.com

2007 August 18th

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