Stationmaster net broadcast Alipay PC Tencent to enter the small loan transfer charges

1 Tencent to enter the micro credit, an important step out of the Internet financial services

tiger sniffing note: the latest news, Tencent’s money paid through also set up a small loan company, the Internet micro credit giant three players finally gathered. Tencent in the form of small loans cut into the Internet financial intent. The original text from a financial network, tiger sniffing deleted.

after Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent’s TenPay network financial microfinance Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "caifutong small loan") has recently formally approved the establishment of its legal representative, chairman and general manager is Ma Huateng, registered in Shenzhen Qianhai, the registered capital of 30 million yuan.

an internal data show that in the short term, the main target of the small sum of money to pay the loan for the country’s Tencent’s electricity supplier enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, including easy fast, pat, QQ online shopping sellers, etc.. In the long run, Tencent intends to expand the field of P2P and other online credit.

It is worth mentioning that, in May of this year, Tencent has reached a cooperation agreement with Ping An Bank, Ping An Bank by the Tencent to meet the conditions of the electricity supplier customers for personal business, consumer unsecured loans. However, the final branch has entered into the implementation level of cooperation can settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Throw off the safe choice "solo", Tencent and other Internet companies are to get rid of dependence on traditional financial institutions. In fact, in the field of Internet financial "war", holding the customer data, and the flow rate of the Internet giants reap the opportunities.

Jane long chess game

2: Tmall, Starbucks, crisis PR


in the "eight guardians" in the free school head has a set of non sub Jane long chess game, thirty or forty years have no crack, how are in play, and just hold to go dead firmly, unconsciously has to retreat out of the guards force, then it is the game to win, to become the only game winner. This tells us that maybe death is a kind of life, public relations crisis may also be a turning point and rebirth, it will cooperate with the opportune to do the following three examples see the public relations crisis Jane long chess game, Tmall and Starbucks case represents a type of early to Xu Zhu retreat "and later" the " deficit; case, and at 8:20 is quite like Murong Fu brought about by the losing of.

3 why do these stars do not sell electricity providers


open the Tmall Star shop, almost all sales too horrible to look at. Tmall will have those stars involved in the shop (not endorsement type) called Star shop, give special channel and support, even so, the shop sales with the visibility of stars than simply, there is a world of difference.

this is a very strange phenomenon. Star endorsement to do business, often can "gun", but their own shops with fans and fame, keep going by painstaking effort, I will not slip out of mixed ah, how will

so badly?

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