Taobao iPhone store information about each received 20 yuan suspected violation of privacy

How do

iPhone lost ICCID in the picture?. (Sina pictures)

                more than the owner to find my mobile phone, through the shop to pay inquiries related information; Apple Corp customer service said, through the customer service inquiries, maintenance records

recently, Miss Yang iPhone after the theft, through the Taobao shop repair records and other search records. Beijing apple repair shop owner recently confirmed that more than mobile phone inquiries to mobile phone ICCID through Taobao shop (SIM IC card identification code) and maintenance records, with the help of the police to get mobile phone repair shop.

experts believe that the ICCID query for the owner of the machine I open is legitimate, but through other channels may be suspected of infringement of privacy.

see net posts spend money check ICCID

Miss Yang in Shunyi a university freshman, in December 8th, she bought the food, pocket iPhone 4S stolen. Miss Yang called the police to the business hall to fill a card.

students told me that Taobao has a service can help me find stolen apple phone." December 16th, Miss Yang’s classmates on the Internet to see a post, said the phone number can be found by searching the ICCID card on the SIM card (SIM card number), so as to find the phone.

Yang and miss the Internet, looking for a 4 Taobao shop, she provides mobile phone stolen IMEI number to the store (mobile phone IMEI), and buy a key store to spend 20 yuan (check password).

Miss Yang found in the store to her page, enter "key", "will pop up a few lines of the scarlet letter, clearly marked above your mobile phone last time, the last brush activated ICCID and maintenance records, but this is no maintenance record mark. "At this time, my phone has been used with a new number brush, and businesses to help me find a new number corresponding to the ICCID number." Miss Yang said, she took the ICCID number to the telecommunications business hall to find the corresponding phone number, but failed to find.

query maintenance records to retrieve the phone

Miss Yang said, the store told her, can also provide the repair records, to find the mobile phone through the maintenance point.

Two days after

, enter "key" again miss yang in the store for the web, one last time, then brush the last page is displayed on the activation of ICCID and the same, and maintenance records into the "maintenance" has been created, and the number and location of maintenance and repair.

19 early in the morning, according to the maintenance records, Miss Yang and do >

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