Buy navigation network September buy industry survey report

according to a survey of domestic famous group purchase navigation network has recently made the results show that compared with 2010, August, September China group purchase website market still maintained a rapid growth, increasing number of group purchase website. At present, the number of buy site has exceeded 1500, is moving forward to the 2000. With the layout of the city to speed up the group purchase website, group purchase website competition is becoming increasingly fierce, some difficult to continue group purchase website in the resource and market competition, is expected to group purchase site reshuffle in 2011 will appear.

With the rapid development of

industry group purchase group purchase, the number is constantly refreshed, the September 25th F group to join Unicom launched "iPhone4 contract plan" 300 yuan preferential purchase activity, up to 160 thousand users, 150 thousand movie ticket refresh maintained by the glutinous rice group purchase records, the single became the first single global group purchase history, become a favourite tale.

September buy website events

recently, according to the group purchase website into the threshold is low, there is no industry standard, the Ministry of Commerce Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center launched the integrity certification and rating criteria for group purchase industry, to set the threshold constraint group purchase market chaos. Apply for certification of the site must truthfully fill in the relevant materials. As the group purchase navigation network responsible person Wang Qiheng said: in addition to the financial group purchase website competitive level of competition will be more dependent on the product itself, competition is the ability to expand the group purchase website offline businesses, competition is the integrity and service.

according to the survey, compared with the Chinese shopping website access users, Chinese group purchase site access users more focused on office workers and students in two groups, online shopping groups showed polarization characteristics, and the focus of online shopping in Beijing city.



From 2010

September Beijing market share of group purchase, independent group purchase website is ranked in the top three U.S. group, F group, /SNS in hand, portal website group purchase the top three is rice, public comment group, Sohu, love of family groups, these websites are becoming the main stream of brand market group purchase website. Buy site due to low barriers to entry, just a few months there is a hundred regiments war as a thousand regiment war, due to the lack of supervision, the rapid expansion of the site to buy the drawbacks gradually emerged. Therefore, the vision of the site began to focus on the steady development of the group, pay attention to detail, improve the quality of service, due to accurate positioning, precise marketing, this kind of buy site more and more favored by the majority of users.



The essence of

is the price and service competition. In the case of declining commodity prices, the impact of price factors on the group buying market is gradually weakened, and the application technology and service excellence of the brand website

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