Liar Yang Zhiyun

, who now place a fraud, his post: BoardID=27& ID=1006491& page=1

his deception is:

            Baidu Post Bar said he is to you, it’s all star in the universe, and said 300 yuan a month, every day as you add 50 articles and bring you 1500IP. 50 dollars a week after the test, with the payment of the balance of payment, just to Baidu Post Bar spam posts, to bring you some traffic.

          note that he used a two domain name to turn you to the flow. About second or third days and you’re not doing it. Also quite arrogant, said the cooperation of many people, whatever you say. Should be a lot of people cheated by him. Please go to Baidu search Yang Zhiyun liar view more.

    I was cheated 50, count their bad luck, but this person is too arrogant. So do not want to dive, determined to announce this person. I hope no one will be fooled again.

this person information:


Name: Yang Zhiyun

account: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Xi’an branch   Yang Zhiyun   9558823700000926 780

address: No. 39 Jianguo Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi

email: [email protected]

be sure to figure out the situation to verify the king, tracing fraud.

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