sold 1 million 55la net domain name Madden

news April 21st, I domain name on the Internet recently similar net sale price of 1 million yuan. Currently temporarily no disk access, the current economic situation in the form of great risk hype.

The most striking

domain acquisition events in 2005 when the number of Google spending huge sums to buy the domain name was registered. April 2005, Google company to about $1 million in the price of a few years ago did not promptly register the CN domain name, set the price of the domain name transaction. and of the two domain names, before being a Beijing company registered.

this example allows many people to see huge business opportunities. Currently on the market, CN domain terminal price has been reduced to a minimum monthly registration fee of less than 5 yuan. The registration procedure is very simple, as long as the registration through the official website of CNNIC network, determine the domain name is not registered, you can get the registration form to the official website by e-mail or postal means in approved, you can get "domain name registration certificate". But not every domain can sell price, most of the domains were registered disappeared. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization in June this year, statistics show that the world has registered 120 million domain names, most of which are held by the business company, used to buy and sell.

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