Figure Wang speech how to do a profitable webmaster

                  network owners admin5.com4 on Sept. 25 news: April 25th morning stationmaster net founder figure Wang was invited to the Xuzhou Beida Blue Ocean Software School ( "how to become a successful long" keynote speech. Graph king to present the students mainly introduces the necessary conditions for personal websites in China and the development of a profitable website owners and experience and skills for students to do a detailed answer questions, active atmosphere, applause, speech to the teachers and students alike.

        host to the presentation of the students



        listen carefully to the students and teachers


student representative questions



                                  prize.the teacher training final summary

                the following is the main content of Wang’s speech:

dear friends, Hello, I am the king of the webmaster network map, attention and personal website has 8 years of time. Prefer to contact with the domestic webmaster contact, previously participated in a lot of the country’s webmaster gatherings, and we are willing to share the Internet to share the network to make money.

first understand the situation, our students have made friends in the web? There is no release of the site out of the network to make money to raise a hand. Well, I think I know the current situation of the Internet, CNNIC, the number of Internet users per year, and we pay more attention to the number of peers. At present, the number of Chinese websites in 3 million, China’s webmaster in the 2 million, is to earn money through the site called the webmaster, in fact, the statistics are like this: earn more than $1000 per month, there are more than 100 thousand. Earn more than 10 thousand of the monthly income of more than $10 thousand per month, there are more than 1000 > 100 thousand

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