WordPress server was compromised VP client source code leak


technology news Beijing time on April 14th morning news, WordPress said Wednesday that hackers invaded the WordPress.com server, the VIP client source code leaked. WordPress.com therefore warns all VIP clients to modify all passwords and API keys.

WordPress in a statement posted on the official website, said, we have a detailed assessment of the invasion of the document to confirm the extent of information leakage. We estimate that our source code has been compromised and copied. Although most of the WordPress code is open source, but we and partners also have some sensitive code. In addition, the leakage of information is limited."

may be leaked in the event of many web site source code, including the API key and Twitter, Facebook passwords and other sensitive information.

WordPress.com currently serves 18 million blogs and websites, including TED, CBS and TechCrunch blogs, which account for about 10% of the world’s Web sites. (Zhang He)

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