Six chicken wings behind WeChat rumor interests chain survey every 800 yuan each


Some of the WeChat

from the media, has become rumors and false information amplifier". These rumors have far more harm to the real life and society than the so-called risk to people’s health.

– Chinese Academy of engineering, the national food safety risk assessment center, general counsel Chen Junshi

six, Kentucky chicken wings Kangshifu drainage oil, Wahaha botox…… Recently, the food Everfount become rumors hundreds of WeChat public hot push content, and refresh in the circle of friends.

only in the first quarter of 2015, some products suffered losses of 2 billion yuan." Wahaha said publicly that the breeding of WeChat and other network platform rumors, not only caused great harm to the brand, market sales also experienced a serious decline.

in the face of repeated rumors of invasion, April, giant Wahaha, Master Kong, KFC, have suspected rumor micro signal operation behind the company to court, seeking compensation for economic loss.

Beijing News reporter statistics, the major food companies have sued more than ten WeChat public number of operating companies, the total amount of more than $61 million claims, which is the first case in recent years, rumors of online food claims.

further investigation found that the use of WeChat public rumor has presented the operation of the company behind the trend, clearly showing a different WeChat operating profit of the company by that business model, there are also some large food companies concocted rumors and malicious competition.

each time 800 yuan! Honey Chi son business through

October 2014, WeChat, "honey girl" released "Nongfushangquan discontinued, the water I can not drink! I want to buy water machine!" article, illustrated that the farmer spring natural drinking water pollution is serious, has been discontinued. Once launched, short time to get a forwarding amount to more than ten million.

news reporter access to WeChat content midge "in the past, compared with Nongfushangquan this article forwarded its common WeChat content usually in thousands of times, forwarded more than ten million to the public, Jill honey gained hitherto unknown attention.

Nongfushangquan finally lost patience, Yizhisuzhuangjiang "behind Jill honey" ITALINA Wuxi trading company to court. Jiangsu Wuxi city industry and commerce information display, the Wuxi ITALINA trading company registered in 2006, corporate Zhang Xia, the registered capital of 30 thousand yuan, operating items including jewelry, handicrafts, daily necessities, cosmetics, economic and trade consultation etc..

, according to ITALINA in China to create the transaction network registration information, the company’s early operation of women’s jewelry, and in Taobao mall has a crown level credit shops.

honey child, the latest official certification date is displayed on March 24, 2015, from the push of WeChat content, >

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