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April 1994, when the cherry blossom season in Washington, DC, there is a Chinese scientist, in order to a desire to bloom and dream come. She was Hu Qiheng, then vice president of the Chinese Academy of sciences. Hu Qiheng took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the Sino US Joint Commission on science and technology, found the United States Natural Science Foundation is responsible for the international cooperation of the Internet · Stephen. Two people in a conversation, Wolf smiled, he readily said: "you can go back and open up." Wolf said the "open" refers to the Chinese internet. In this way, after the approval of the domestic high-level, China in April 20, 1994, the official access to the internet.

blink of an eye 20 years, Hu Qiheng has been the age of 80 years, China will usher in the Internet after the birthday of 20 years old in.

20 years, the Internet has brought too much surprise, and then quickly turned into a surprise. Now we have not exclaimed as the first set of free e-mail system in 1997; are not surprised at the 2006 U.S. "time" magazine person of the year will be awarded the "netizens"; even in 2008 the scale of Chinese users ranked first in the world as behoove.

In the past 20 years, the Internet has rewritten almost everything — whether it’s political, economic, or social

. 20 years of history of the Internet, is the history of China’s deep-seated changes.

"Temple" and "countryside" no distance

February 1995, an anonymous letter from Henan Province, Sanmenxia sent to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection petition room, and ultimately China’s tobacco King pulled from the high mountain of Hongta. From Sanmenxia city to Beijing, about 900 kilometers, this is the year from the countryside to temple distance, and today is the "zero distance". In April 8th this year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision website opened to correct the four winds supervision and reporting through train, a long way, into the mouse and the keyboard a few hit.

"the Internet has changed China’s political ecology." National School of Administration professor Zhu Songyan said. She said in an interview with this newspaper, the development of China’s Internet for 20 years, not only enhance the interaction between officials and people, but also in the dissemination of information diversity, fast, massive network of public opinion opened up channels.

Internet for "countryside" grievous in the temple of the landmark event occurred in September 1996. At that time, "918" anniversary approaching, Beijing many BBS (bulletin board), the Sino Japanese Relations >

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