Magic cube host unlimited with your fun feature space

with the popularity of Internet applications, the traditional virtual host has significant weakness in flexibility and service function, so in the virtual host based on the emergence of a variety of new virtual host products, such as the comparison of the fire free host, VPS host, independent IP host golden delicious. But recently I heard a new term "host Cube" as the host is very strange cube virtual host, we usually come into contact with the space is a space for a site, bound to the root of the host, the biggest characteristic of this cube host is a space can be arbitrarily set the number of the sites, and each site can bind the domain name independently, but also can be accessed through a single path, so that you can complete a host when multiple space use is very strange, a little more special is that not only can be divided into the number of stations can also be free to allocate the available resources of each site, let you want to use as much as we completely, make full use of the whole space.

, the author of this in-depth understanding of this "magic host", according to the launch of the new product manufacturers in the industry to enjoy the first domestic brand flat-share server ( the spirit of Chinese relevant person in charge, according to the person in charge, the company launched the "magic host" is based on the current market presence, to the launch of the new host products. The product take the spirit cube transform infinite and the configuration of 8G cluster all blend into one harmonious whole, at the same time Jindun hardware firewall, ARP firewall, information security monitoring, traffic monitoring and other safety measures, users can flexibly organize their own products, enjoy almost the same server favorable flexibility and lower prices than the virtual host more secure the operating environment, so the product in a launch activities of many customers, has become the most popular sales of the company’s products, because of low prices of products has many old users also one-time purchase more sets, especially for a very low cost enterprise website. The person in charge to the author is just an account with the company’s best-selling cube B type as an example, the total space is 3000M, can be divided into five sites, the total price is 468 yuan, then converted to a 600M space price is only 90 yuan, while the market in general 600M space at least. A few hundred dollars, which benefits is self-evident, so many users to buy for multiple sites, flat fee more cost-effective than renting independent server, so has a high cost, naturally there will be a shortage situation.

The magic of

is infinite. I believe that the "launch cube host", will give the user to create a more stable, more secure, more flexible, more cost-effective network environment. The author thinks that the Yan and Huang Long adhering to the ‘customer first service first "purpose, continuous innovation, forge ahead, the continuous application of new technologies to new products, many new ideas in the industry, has become the industry benchmark model will give the current calm virtual host market set off a new wave of magic"".

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