B2B the introduction of the new rules will be taken to follow the strategy HC

      in July 16th, 7 in the evening, I log on the website of Alibaba Chinese station, a piece of brilliant colors, and a new feeling.

As part of a business transaction and clear division of

before purchase, supply, trading companies, including 9 parts, the company products, processing, inventory, second-hand wholesale, entrepreneurship, project cooperation, business services, buyers, and business is divided into business, business information, forum, blog Ali, help 5 parts. I do not seem to find a clear clue, carefully think, oh, the original Alibaba is to go multi dimension, the way the customer segments. In the past, the supply, the supply has been unable to meet the needs of e-commerce, from the needs of the customer segments are not meant to be the future of the B2B industry standards?

on the right side, striking entrepreneurial join, processing market, inventory used, small wholesale, business services, project cooperation, industry hotspots and other columns occupy the eye of 1/3. Lenovo’s previous home, give people unlimited reverie, the proportion of dynamic columns heavier.

from this revision, I think a lot. Alibaba every home large revision, latitude is basically classification without any change, only the most from column to show the way and style to make some changes, this make snap, one-off operation, can be said that the previous latitude were shaking is adjusted, the customer needs to do a more explicit segmentation, breaking the purchase, supply situation, and each column has a separate page, I believe in this way, the past by a Alibaba carrying the home page will become more sub page bearing together. Meet the needs of users at the same time, the content is more abundant, the product line has also been a very good extension.

the switch option, suddenly think, if the child home can also customize the good by users, because users demand segments, users will inevitably lead to more focused on their love child home, if you do not need to switch the Home tab can directly see what you want to see, the customer experience will more good?

wrote here, I can not help but think of Comrade Guo Fansheng’s words: "Ali innovation 10 failed in 8, then we’ll copy it two successful, and " improved " the cost is low, so we a lot, this is called follower strategy." Do not know whether the HC will take to follow the strategy? Let’s wait and see! Only in this regard as the title of this article, in order to improve the ornamental!

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