Micro blog marketing content how to build millions of fans of red scarf

has now entered the "micro" marketing era, more and more brands and organizations and individuals using micro-blog marketing, although micro-blog marketing is a lot of really well but looks like a commonplace talk of an old scholar, micro-blog marketing is one of the few, how can find themselves in micro-blog micro-blog marketing in a suitable starting point for their target users only is the real significance of the development of micro-blog marketing, so it decided the content of micro-blog is particularly important, micro-blog content has a certain literary sensitivity premise in itself, also must conform to adhere to the following five points: originality, ornamental, correlation, fun, interactive. In this case, according to some successful marketing case, one by one for the analysis of these five principles in the content of the crucial role of marketing.

a, original

basic zero copy of innocence even encouraged in disguise the environment in an awareness of copyright, whose original = * * * who, will inevitably lead to repetitive content more and more scripts accounts released. In this case, once the account piece depends heavily on micro-blog common users, will naturally feel slowly less fresh things and micro-blog, led to micro-blog users in mind can play more and more weak, user activity decreased also is inevitable. This is the negative effect of excessive forces on the account piece micro-blog will inevitably lead to the strong.

in order to get out of this vicious spiral, the only solution is to strengthen the micro-blog in the original content, with fresh content to Everfount in order to meet users will never meet the end content requirements.

success stories @ Yue Yue Taiwan


April 15th Titanic 3D version of the film released, found that small part of users posted in micro-blog look about the Titanic to visit micro-blog, Nokia and Tai also made a face picture, micro-blog sent out it caused a lot of forwarding, at the same time the Titanic official micro-blog, hot film, and a large number of users to participate in the V interactive. Just a few hours, micro-blog exposure reached about 5000000.

two, ornamental

watch is mainly reflected in the micro-blog pictures, micro-blog is trying to express feelings with text + pictures, pictures, sometimes do not need too much language, too much description, some simple pictures, will be able to express their own inner world, a picture is sometimes better than thousands and thousands of words. Micro-blog pictures can attract users. Pictures need to choose a brilliant, clear, large amount of information, news and other influential pictures of the scene; not bloody, violent, erotic religious and political issues. (the political figures, careful) in front of the huge amount of information, there is no doubt that the pictures are characteristic of more intuitive and more attractive.

successful case @ petals network

petals network itself is a picture sharing site, with a large number of high-quality picture material

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