Network network anniversary award winning wines increasing ecological play together to help out

network network anniversary halfway, a new round of "courtesy feast" heavy ecological benefits ensue. It is reported that, won the gold medal in the just released RVF CHINA Wine award Chateau Seebach "Buster Park" sweet white Wine, gains the recommended award and the best price for dry fire rose Wine award winning products collective support, with 16 countries 3000 of the world’s best-selling product release burst together ecological reserve price, to offer consumers the quality of the wine consumer feast. It is reported that LETV buy financial products to send wine, filling back collocation music as sports ho ceremony play ecological members take turns attacking, let the network network anniversary continued to heat up.


network network 4 anniversary of the heat continued to rise

gold Wine glory back

, unlike in previous years, this year ushered in the four anniversary of network network "glory" wine. They are in RVF, imported wine Wine recommend, won the gold medal and the best price prize Seebach winery featured Dragon Seal Riesling particle "Buster Park" sweet white Wine 2006, won the silver prize and the best price feeser winery Zinfandel red Wine Botai pull 2014, won the silver Wine Cavalli Genuine Red 2008, and in one fell swoop won prize and best performance award two prizes of its own global quality brand exposure rose 2015 carmenere.


fire rose Naynay wine series

is well known, RVF imported wine wine annual recommendation is recognized as the industry’s influence of the event, all the award-winning products through a strong lineup of judges blind strict selection, merit based. Awards for the quality of the product brand has a high level of evidence.

the award-winning products blockbuster franchise anniversary celebration, no doubt for the network network quality wine consumption blessing. At the same time, four high quality wine, world-renowned brand advantage, has become the first choice for the year-end go relatives, gift gifts. It is reported that the dry fire rose in 2015 Carmenere anniversary celebration in only 118 yuan, suitable for mass consumption of the whole scene.

100 yuan to buy the whole category of preferential global Juxian

During the

network network anniversary, the whole category, the global wine collective started ecology cheap carnival. According to reports, during the event, the main name of the wine Zhuang cheap card, one hundred dollars can be purchased in Bordeaux Zhuang wine. Among them, carmensa manor, manor, good beautiful blue Shan Di Xian manor, manor name village collective back, cross Wine 2 Bourbon red dominated cortex gift box for only 99 yuan, the Red Devils Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine and other popular single product prices are less than hundred dollars.


network network in the end store wine, send wine consumption feast

beer and wine flavor is introduced in the world. Belgium imported beer, blue hat.

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