QQ group marketing how to operate the most effective

QQ group has become a compulsory course for network marketing.

and I also served as a number of QQ group administrator. Usually see those comrades who come send advertising, it is lovely and hateful. I generally do not T advertising, everyone knows that marketing is not easy. But some ads are annoying.

let me offer several people hate advertising form, let you learn a lesson:

came in direct advertising, do not say hello. Just verify that advertising, as if the purpose is not to communicate, but for advertising. This kind of person I usually direct T.

advertising scheme of the rotten, people like chewing wax. People see is boring.

for the second, I sometimes do not T, as long as willing to communicate with you, and even a little bit of advertising, even when the mood is good when pointing. Mentioned earlier, the network marketing is actually not easy to see them so hard to add mass advertising, and no effect, and sometimes can not bear.

talk about the following, QQ group marketing how to do.

is not the first to greet the group; but how to find your target customers.

this is a traditional problem, in the traditional marketing there must be: target customer positioning is not allowed. If I were a physiotherapy instrument, must be to the community for publicity, and must be at 9 in the morning after the old man left in the family. That’s my target client. And it’s not after 9 p.m..

for network marketing, you first have to be clear, your product is sold to whom; who will pay attention to your products; these people are also concerned about other things. Think of these, and then go to the group. Give a few examples. I’m a pregnant woman, and of course my product is sold to a young mother who is expecting a baby. If you want to add a group, it must be a number of groups of pregnant exchanges, including child nutrition, milk powder, etc.. (of course, there is another aspect, pregnant mother must not be too long net time, this discussion later)

for example, I am a IP phone card (which is now more common, whether true or not, I first have to buy) the main travel needs of the people, the company’s chief clerk, communication industry personnel, the first two is the product demand, belong to the end user; after a market demand, mainly in the wholesale chuanhuo. So you have to add the group is the marketing management (for business travel), celebrity class (white-collar clerk) etc..

identified the group, is to add a group of. The general group is better to join, verify the information only need to correspond to the theme, such as "XXX lovers", "I am also engaged in XXX, come in and communicate with you", "the boss introduced me in". If you encounter a real verification, however, you can look at the number of their GOOGLE group, to see what other presentation or requirements. On the Forum

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