How to analyze the SEO status of competitors’ websites

SEO is a long-term and systematic work, a website for the optimization of the early to do a comprehensive understanding of the website and the competitor, so that you can lay a good foundation for the future promotion of the enemy. Today, about how to analyze the status of SEO competitors website. Under normal circumstances, whether they have done SEOER optimization can be seen, then it is relatively comprehensive system to analyze the status of a site SEO.

first, the overall page layout of the site.

do SEO site is not necessarily clear and reasonable. There are a lot of sites in front of the home page is very beautiful Flash animation, this is certainly not in line with the concept of SEO, as we all know, flash can not be identified by the search engine. In the analysis of the site to see the site’s home page is not left to update the plate, for example, home page news, industry related knowledge, etc., which are consistent with the idea of website optimization.

second, view the site’s internal optimization.

website internal optimization includes the following contents:

1, keyword

here to view the site’s title, keywords and description three tags content. Through these three labels and tags can be seen from the keyword of the website the wording is standard.

2, site navigation

web site navigation is a supporting skeleton, through navigation users can reach the corresponding columns of the site. There are three places to observe the optimization: main navigation, sub navigation, location navigation. The main navigation is the most basic navigation site of the head, for the user to indicate the site of the plate; navigation is to compensate for the lack of the main navigation, such as some of the site’s navigation is called JS (in order to achieve certain aesthetic requirements or functional requirements), JS code is hard to identify the search engine, so with time to make up for navigation; navigation for the user experience of the website optimization, allowing users to the site to determine the location of convenient, also called breadcrumb navigation.

3, the site’s internal links

is the chain between website interior between each plate or the links, as is the site of a large net, in order to let the search engine spiders better on the site to "crawl", a spider crawling smoothly net need within the chain to achieve. A good website internal link optimization is generally done well.

4, the distribution of keywords

through the observation of this indicator can be seen on the site is not a lot of layout of the long tail keywords.

5, there is no site map

site map is a very common side of SEO >

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