No more than 30 days of detention in the case of Tomato Garden real progress

news September 18th, the tomato garden version of Windows XP author Hong Lei (net laden) has been arrested 30 Yu Tian, in addition to two suspects arrested outside, no substantive progress in the case of tomato garden.

August 15th, the tomato garden version of Windows XP author Hong Lei was detained by Suzhou police, then the tomato garden to provide technical support of Chengdu science and technology company legal representative Zhang Tianping, red Zheng Guobin and other technical personnel have been arrested.

intellectual property lawyer Hu Gang CCTV guest in the "Oriental Horizon" when he said, "the crime of infringement of intellectual property rights, generally requires a few points, the first is the subjective must be intentional, and for the purpose of profit, obtained by way of the advertisement income, are for profit; second, to have illegal income a relatively large amount, or other circumstances. The core of these two points, in line with these two cases may constitute the crime of copyright infringement." Hong Lei has admitted that the tomato garden version of the Windows XP profit, while Carrie has 2 million yuan the detainees, but did not determine the amount of profit by tomato garden. "I think the biggest difficulty with the tomato garden case is to determine the amount of money that Hong Lei can make from the tomato garden. Hong Lei’s sentence, according to its profit amount to determine, but so far, its profit is still a mystery." A lawyer said.

Suzhou police have said in mid September announced the case of tomato garden, but now there is no news. Earlier insiders to Sohu IT said the tomato garden case will be extremely difficult, but the person recently went to Sohu IT said, "it involves too many interests of the chain, the difficulty of the work will feel evidence beyond our imagination."


tomato garden peers face crossroads

"tomato garden author was arrested" caused by Microsoft and legal issues



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