Wenchuan earthquake personal webmaster should do

Beijing time 14:28 on May 12th, Sichuan Wenchuan county (31 degrees north latitude and 103.4 degrees east longitude) 7.8 earthquake occurred. After the earthquake, resulting in huge casualties and property losses, is a particularly serious disaster!

now the disaster continues to expand, as a personal webmaster, what can we do now many of the sites are up, and you?

I am a Freenet webmaster, a small website, because these two days is too busy, can only silently for the people of disaster areas in blessing, wish them all the best. It is late at night, I would like to say that I am here, just want to call on the majority of the personal site webmaster, stand up for our motherland this disaster to give our strength.

I now except in the unit of donations, to their own website one month advertising revenue donated to the disaster areas of the masses, perhaps not much, just as much as possible as an own strength, but also hope that more people stand out.

refers to 5.12-6.12 a month, I will be as much as possible to the daily income on the Admin5 published a little, and then donated to the Chinese Red Cross account in 6.13.

5.12 GG5.91$+ income Ali 2.08 $

this post may not be updated, will be announced in the Forum: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-199364-1-1.html  

Admin5 borrowed a word: Hope webmaster friends rely on the power of the network with a majority of netizens with donations, a contribution, the warmth of a family, send a truth, light a hope. Our hearts are together, is a love of the dam; our hands together, is a love of the the Great Wall! Let us take action, to lend a helping hand, gave their love, money money, there are things out, and let the affected people stand together through storm and stress, we join hands to and hit people hard times, a love you will stay forever in the hearts of the people in disaster areas


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