Most of the domestic nternet start up companies marketing tools are still in the child level


at present, the company’s marketing sector is most keen to talk about the topic is to push". Evaluation of the ability of a market person, often depends on the number of people to promote resources. In fact, Party A Party B of the marketing, advertising and public relations, ability is not how many resources you have, your resources are free? If not, please stop and talk with eloquence. The ability of the market depends on your ability to integrate resources. Moreover, the task of the marketing department is not only promotion, but also the ability of market research. Do not blindly rely on big data, it might as well do some real market research. Sometimes the traditional means can get better effect.

have the means of promotion not only push.

push for the benefits of the entrepreneurial team a lot, we do not mention. When your project gets an investment, consider other channels.

put the seed round, angel round, will be gradually transferred to the online promotion center.

A lot of

online network marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, online advertising, media marketing, event marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), Email marketing, database marketing, SMS marketing, electronic magazine marketing, viral marketing, marketing quiz, QQ group marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing etc.. Reasonable choice for their own marketing, will bring unexpected results.


put an angel round, line as the key line for auxiliary. Create an interactive effect.

never give up offline promotion. Give up the line results tend to lose the authenticity of products, will make the products in the reality of the public impression tends to be with no reality whatever. This feeling is similar to the MLM people ill. Even if your project is a pure Internet product app, there is no line, you just walk into the user’s mobile phone rather than into the user’s life. If your product is O2O, you think the line is the focus. Yes, that is the operation, not marketing marketing. If you’re planning a line, then the first thing you need to do is to warm up the line, the end of the campaign, to continue to do online interaction. The purpose of this line is not to spread, just to improve the authenticity of the product.

below we simply give some interactive nature of marketing tools.

event marketing

I will event marketing according to the level of low, medium and high into three categories.

have the lower (or failure):YJ

a very keen on planning vulgar event app team. Anti World Cup alliance, Meng sister brigade national tour, hot catch good, there are gimmicks, but unfortunately not enough clever implant, the content is quite low. Once exposed, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate, often public curse is a kind of integrity pour dog’s blood on, no bottom line marketing.

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