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" is not good at all, what a mess, vegetables are eaten up. The broken places, too bad! Politics and study harvest: 1, after graduating from the grassroots! 2, after graduation, determined not to the grassroots!! 3 after graduation for all the death!!! Go back to lose weight, find a good man." This is a female doctor in Xiamen University with the school to the original North Fujian mountain national poverty counties to conduct research, couldn’t stand for the local environment, they readily make a complaint on micro-blog, who is "a ripple, the speech caused a great in the network. All kinds of abuse with criticism. Today I went to see the girl’s micro-blog, blog has been full of deleted, leaving only a apology.

It is often seen. similar things in micro-blog, when the "human flesh search" from the forum website transferred to micro-blog, the "micro world" is destined to be a restless child". The mobile Internet has brought explosive growth in mobile commerce, and the social network has a strong cluster effect, through the communication circle, among friends, making the word-of-mouth marketing peak, it is difficult to reach the other way.

but there is a very real problem in front of us, this platform is a sharp double-edged sword, with the right will benefit, if not, the consequences are difficult to end. Take the recent Olympic Games to give two examples:

a full screen ads, pop-up ads, the default user opened the "Olympic early evening" and "gold bulletin" issued at a time when the gold to remind function, information, always let people wake up in a dream. The recent Sina micro-blog marketing by many users accused of "disturbing". Then Sina micro-blog vice president of ocean water that will be forced to cancel push, push control team is related to the scope and content of NetEase, micro-blog will also be 22 points after the push press are all mute, and reduce the frequency of the push.

example two: Beijing time on August 7th at 17:45 in the men’s 110 meter hurdles preliminaries sixth team, Liu Xiang hit the first column beyond the field trip, missed the semi-finals. Nike then launched a micro-blog:


forwarding reached ten. Then love always by surprise Durex released a micro-blog:


forwarding is also quite spectacular. After two hours, it wrote a micro-blog:


instantly let this was a little sad story, with the stars smile.

above both examples are around the Olympic Games, although the two effects are very different, but they are a fact: each hot can generate business opportunities. Sina is the NetEase from the Olympic topic above is profitable, while Nike and Durex is from a hot event.

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