How to use the MindManager network marketing planning

MindManager is a very powerful mind mapping software, the mind map is an efficient way of thinking, is applied to study and think even in meetings, brainstorming "map", at present, the mind map has been widely applied in various fields.

MindManager is used as a traditional project management software, to improve the working efficiency of the project group, is an effective tool of resource integration and management, also we can use it as an important tool for network marketing.

today to introduce the network marketing planning tool: MindManager

network marketing system is divided into the following aspects:

a, network marketing planning

network marketing includes three parts, user positioning, product positioning, planning positioning.

the user location is the core, we must first analyze our target user, then according to the analysis of the target user to locate our products, and develop our whole plan according to the target user and products.

two, marketing type website construction

what kind of website can be called a marketing website?

website is the life of an enterprise, a good marketing website can bring great benefits to the enterprise.

first user positioning and product positioning is the cornerstone of marketing.

according to user positioning and product positioning to consider how to show the site’s display, credibility, persuasion, guidance, promotion.

a good site to the first page of the first screen to show the power of the user, then the user can make a better first impression, which is the most basic and most important.

three, precise promotion program

general, the precise promotion plan to guide users to enter our website, and then through our website and customer service guide five finally reached the deal.

each product has respective user positioning and product positioning, so the selected accurate promotion programs are based on the user positioning products as the core, your users most often focused on what the platform, you have to come to promote the development of our scheme according to the characteristics of the platform and user habits on this platform. Moreover, these methods are not independent of the existence, often are a combination of a variety of ways to promote boxing.

four, marketing team building

is called the marketing team building is based on user thinking and product positioning as the core.

from the network marketing plan to promote the specific implementation of the program to the end of the data monitoring to arrange the appropriate personnel, this is a very important part of the implementation of the perfect implementation of the

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