National Day holiday is too boring these 11 sites enough for you to play

has a holiday today, I think from now on the seven day holiday, my heart is still a little excited. However, such a long holiday, in addition to stroll around to eat, the rest of the time seems to be a bit…… Boring。 Lei Feng Xiaobian for everyone to dig up 17 interesting sites, the National Day on the seven day to count on it.


"Galaxy roaming guide" online RPG Games: text based lifeline days before the fire is not to be, and this online game can take you into the galaxy’s Guide to the wonderful adventure adventure. Apart from the text of the story to promote, the upper right corner also presents the first person view screen, keyboard at the bottom, like myself in a reconnaissance device as control. Link here!


wiki game: you need to use Wikipedia to access all kinds of information, two unrelated words in the next 120 seconds together, and the middle can not be more than six words. For example, "Ashley Tisdale" and "HTML", you can think: Ashley Tisdale was born in California (California) – "HTML" (Silicon) – Valley (Internet) – "Internet" (-) – "". This is a very interesting little game, make good use of Wikipedia! I am a link I am a link!


Prince of Persia: spin, jump, I don’t stop…… Wrong, wrong, wrong set, this game is simply a nostalgic classic, Prince of Persia in order to rescue his beloved Princess, after an adventure to see the picture, everybody knows, moves! Please click here link.


Geoguessr: where am I? In this game, you will be randomly sent to a place, then through you to see things (such as signs of the text is what language?) to judge their own what place. The game also supports competition mode, try it together!


magic pen: you need to send the ball to the end of the red flag, the use of a variety of brushes to pave the way for it!


Excit: This is a maze game based on the excel, the feeling of going to work when you can play secretly…… I’m Lei Feng, link here! (boss you don’t hit me)


small Alchemist: Jin Mu water fire and earth elements, can cultivate the various combinations of different materials, a total of 55>

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