Wind and rain ten years of fruitful CNNC nternet image promotion of the ten anniversary

    as approved by the Ministry of information industry, China’s domain name registration authority China Internet Center (CNNIC), to establish Chinese information society infrastructure builders and operators of the corporate image in the public.

      but the domain name is not a public concern, and the potential user domain name for the domain name only pay attention to the network logo and commercial value, for the domain name provider of a relatively low degree of concern. Therefore, how to further arouse the attention of the target audience for CNNIC, and then recognize and identify CNNIC’s corporate image, has become the key issue of this case.

      of course, CNNIC has a government background and authoritative expert resources which is richly endowed by nature, China Internet industry development important strategic support mechanism, and April 20th is the birthday of China Internet ten years, while CNNIC’s China Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center is the birthplace of Chinese Internet. CNNIC is the history of the development of the Internet experience and records; and almost at the same time in April 12 to 15 days, the father of the Internet Vinton G. Cerf will come to China to participate in IPv6 Forum; and a background is more: the global Internet industry began to rejuvenate warming, and come back to the center of public opinion, has also been highly concerned about from all of the audience.

      "ten years fruitful" public relations planning seize the public card, create a birthday China Internet ten anniversary birthday celebration; create a topic – the ten anniversary of the development of the Internet China. Whether it is the activity itself or after the spread, are closely around a theme: people want to pay attention to the hero behind the scenes, technology heroes, not just wealth hero. From the point of view of public welfare, in such an atmosphere of public opinion, to show the corporate image of CNNIC. The CNNIC is a professional organization, the public loved the way the unsung hero to promote and show:

      April 14th, to participate in IPv6 forum with the father of the Internet Vinton G. Cerf April Beijing short residence time, the birthplace of the Internet – China invited visiting Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center, visit and comment, and Qian Hualin China founder of Internet with the mainstream media interview, help Chinese Internet founder the influence and appeal, detonated the Internet ten years of topic, transfer the CNNIC point of view, reflect the value of CNNIC.

      April 19th, held a hundred scale Internet ten years celebration, the greatest difference and show business activities on the way past influential man, which invited the unsung heroes in ten years have made outstanding contributions to the Internet industry, is committed to China Internet research.

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