Goojje how leveraging Google marketing

recently, "GuJie" such a keyword in the media can be seen, what makes Goojje achieve this effect in terms of sales? According to media reports, "GuJie" team with 18 days GuJie let by the world ranking 0 ranked 21278 on the left, China ranked 950 name; for 18 days let GuJie hits a day 1 million 200 thousand. It can be seen behind the strong marketing planning ability, no matter what the event, which is a manifestation of the ability, because they do.

"elder brother left is for the elder sister, the elder brother is still infatuated with the elder sister!" this sentence for the valley elder sister’s design advertisement language may take the prize nearly, the ingenious connection with the elder sister of Google. "Google" is the authority in the Internet, very high status in the eyes of the people, plus some time ago, Google intends to withdraw Chinese event "let Google reputation. Gu sister borrowed Google such a position in the hearts of people, the implementation of related marketing, people feel very cordial, so the success of people’s attention into the field of vision.

domain name and LOGO design options. WWW.GOOGLE.COM this is the Google international domain name, WWW.GOOJJE.COM is the sister of the valley of the international domain name, you can see that most of the domain name of the same letter, to make a kind of Google and valley sister is a company’s two services. LOGO design is a combination of Google and Baidu style, but also gives the impression that the two companies to cooperate in the product, because LOGO is a trademark of the two companies, the use of unauthorized use of legal responsibility. The people close to again use the successful implementation of marketing psychology.

Gu Gu, although the pre marketing work can be sure but can not be considered successful. Will face several difficulties: first, involving trademark infringement, Goojje WWW.GOOJJE.COM with a clear Google WWW.GOOGLE.COM trademark infringement, Google is currently no prosecution because Google can also play the role of marketing by Goojje, and the effect is better. When Gu lost the value of the use of the time, Google may have to start, just like when Microsoft acquiesced in China’s piracy of its operating system, such as the loss of value when the tomato garden resort to law. Second, the profit model of fuzzy, Goojje is both a search function of SNS, and in China several SNS are not profitable at present, like the happy net, such as campus network and get a lot of risk investment, but encountered profit problems and distress. Third, the policy is not optimistic, the government since last December to rectify the Internet since the collapse of thousands of Internet Co. Domain name registration, filing and other special needs much time, at present did not give a timetable for the rectification period, coupled with the country to rectify SNS, is not tens of millions of registered capital of one disaster after another, is not open, there are other hard targets for start-up companies fear it is even more difficult.

network marketing methods and not face to face sales so mature, so Gu sister sales may have a lot of miracles, I hope such a creative inspiration, to help more people dig life

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