Operation QQ group sign in marketing audience 100 thousand combat skills

QQ group recently released a group of sign function, is this humble sign function, but also has a very good marketing value. Currently on the market there have been a lot of check-in tools. At present, Zhu Haitao is using this tool, the use of a key sign, how many groups can sign in a short period of time success. The QQ group is a sign of the bulk of the principle is to sign the venue for our advertising marketing.

use this QQ group to modify the sign in place with a lot of advertising to sign up to recall the matter

in the use of the software before exiting all anti-virus software, otherwise, QQ group batch sign software can not start

operator to join the QQ group, the better the effect of bulk sign.

sign belongs to the official function of Tencent, Tencent will not be shielded.

QQ group in every day one time, 30 times a month, if there are 200 groups, that is a month to advertise in the 6000 group, the audience is at least ten.

compared to the direct group advertising in the QQ group, so that the probability of operation is very low, Zhu Haitao operated hundreds of groups, only one group was kicked.


sign with advertisement at this play, people is still relatively small, so the QQ group administrator or group, or not to say what you.


method and using the QQ group to ask marketing drainage wonderful "QQ group to ask different approaches but equally satisfactory results of post marketing drainage"

download address: Zhu Haitao members of this software group.

operation of the Q group sign gadget, treasure to ensure that our computer upstream QQ client in the running. In addition, if the computer hangs a number of QQ, the dialog box will let us choose to pay attention to the choice of the number you need to make a good marketing QQ. As shown below:



as shown above, this software contains two files, one is the " Q group sign in the small assistant " and a sign file. Click on the software, there will be " initialize the dialog box " three, because I went to QQ, here out of three radio buttons to let me choose.


and the right side is that you can give us the definition of the entry site for advertising input box,


inside the frame on the left side, choose to sign the QQ group, can directly select or deselect. Choose a good need to sign the QQ group, click on the right side of a key sign. As shown in Figure:



" custom loading force " in fact, also very good rationale

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