Discussion on how to improve the efficiency of network marketing planning

for the first on the site, can be said that the establishment of website is the enterprise network marketing on the Internet an important basis for planning, and will be more widely recognized and familiar friends, your business website represents the company’s image, the success of network marketing need you to pay attention to the following:

1, if you want to do it, then your web site is the best and your business name or product, service has the best correlation, the URL can be said to be one of the most important symbol of the enterprise, at least your web site to be simple, easy to remember, because of the importance for the domain name. The domain name registration money until the birth of the gens, including McDonald’s had paid $8 million to buy their own web site, Google also took a great effort to recover the domain name

is 2, then you should do the website structure design is simple, it is best to do it with a layer, it can facilitate the spider crawling and crawling, and is conducive to the optimization of SEO, the content of your website should be comprehensive, so that it can be done to allow customers or potential customers fully understand your website this is the network marketing, more important point,

3, website maintenance and update is also very critical, in fact this is why more and more enterprises begin to hire more web editing and website promotion personnel, a website is not you can set up a simple what are not, is you need to constantly update the


second is the network marketing planning in the choice of products, now network marketing increasingly popular, personalized consumption has also been a lot of attention, including the traditional enterprise network marketing, which makes products rich and colorful, enterprises in the development of product strategy, also need to do a comprehensive survey the product, look at the current demand for the products on the market which, also need a little consideration is the network marketing products to achieve convenient transportation, because this part of the logistics is a very important link for the network marketing, many do network marketing personnel may be very clear on this point, inside the reason for the return a lot of the time for delivery or delivery of goods is delayed, appear in the process of damage caused by.

third is the price strategy, which I think we all know, only you in the market occupy the absolute price advantage, can effectively grasp the market, if it is low, there are two ways, one is your supply cost is low, one is to lower their profits obviously, the best way to get even cheap goods.

do network marketing, you must profit than traditional industry profits much higher can, under normal circumstances, can be between 100 and 200, so that it can ensure your profit is high, and the cost of advertising is guaranteed.

if a network marketing plan can do these points

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