Soft Wen is not soft to talk about my views on the soft

do website promotion for almost 2 years, from the initial line just rookie white, now Laoniao, experienced a lot of things, but also learned a lot of experience. I believe website promotion company, and even the general reader, the soft Wen is no longer strange, it is our website promotion to contact most things. From a small personal blog, to the lively community forums, and then to a large media sites, almost every corner of the Internet can see traces of soft. The following small series to talk to you about my soft Wen some insights.

first of all, what is the main content of soft writing? In fact, this content, Xiaobian feel targeted to it, such as a computer and related websites, it is written, what is the clothing, horses irrelevant, will only become a laughing stock. However, some people may think, not everyone can chukouchengzhang. Here Xiaobian have a small proposal, that is, according to others to modify the template, so it will be easier.

then, pay attention to the main purpose of the soft text. This small series that is the most important, but also a lot of easy to ignore the problem of the author. What are the main purpose of the soft text? Small make up simply to talk about it. The main purpose of soft Wen is the dissemination of professional knowledge, so that readers have income from reading, the secondary purpose is to achieve publicity. Many people take this two adjustable counter, a short article down, inserted into many feel "eyesore" ads, which readers will love? Soft Wen are called soft Wen, rather than advertising, this is precisely the reason.

second, the language should be concise, although the dissemination of professional knowledge, but the literary language, plus a lot of professional terminology, ordinary readers can understand? In this case, the reader has not seen the ads in your article, it has closed the window, too lazy to look down. In this regard, Xiao Bian feel that China made a good aerodynamic network, which is easy to understand the article, as ordinary readers to learn things really many.

sum up, a good soft Wen, can not only pull into the distance between the reader and the reader to learn the knowledge, but also the editor should be able to get publicity, dissemination of professional knowledge, it is a "win-win" situation!

is a small series of small ideas, I hope you can help readers.
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