Several alternative ways to enhance the visibility of home sites

an industry website, how can we quickly raise the visibility of the site? The answer may be many, for example, to strengthen the content of the enrichment, optimize the structure of the site, such as online promotion.

according to the promotion of home network experience, summed up a number of other effective promotion site visibility mode of operation:

beer propaganda mode:

rely on beer promotional power, so the popularity of the site promotion. To Home Furnishing network users, are the ones who are required to decorate your room after the crowd, if these people through the Home Furnishing network obtained the satisfactory service, it will form a strong beer propaganda strength, allowing more people to buy products for Home Furnishing net. Home Furnishing visitors buy Home Furnishing products through the Home Furnishing network can not only by website preferential discount cards, more can stay at home from the store delivery. But it has abundant customer service service. Allows users to buy, at the same time, users in the use problems encountered, can also discuss the.

on the website

buy search engine rankings:

now Home Furnishing net average daily access to tens of thousands of people, the PR value reached 4. Home Furnishing products online become well-known websites, however, recently Home Furnishing network or in Baidu has ranked promotion, this led to enhance the visibility of the network Home Furnishing zhangfuxin. The general manager: how the search engine brings the effect of using only the search engine manufacturing site visibility is very practical. Many users do not necessarily through Baidu PPC click here, but Baidu rankings virtually deepened the users of the network Home Furnishing impression, it is like to advertise the subconscious. When the user really need to buy Home Furnishing products, will be remembered the word Home Furnishing network. At that time, he will find our website, this is what we require advertising effect.

Zhang believes that the Home Furnishing website operation like business, the two have many similarities, set a good website brand, has a good website reputation, like a company with good corporate image, whether it is business or make friends and make each other feel good and trust myself. Through Baidu PPC, although considerable advertising, but can really bring the popularity of the website and enhance the image. To establish a website and corporate image has some help. But this is not only to flow, do not expect with the flow of.

network Home Furnishing PPC with more big

through print publicity

Home Furnishing network general manager Zhang Fuxin under the guidance of the company according to the different products of different communication Home Furnishing printed brochures, and then someone to organize the major building materials markets sent free of charge. The difference of these communication booklet is that it has many practical Home Furnishing information content, is very necessary for dealers. Because of this, these pamphlets in the building materials market subscription distribution is increasing constantly. The increase in demand at the same time, also led to the traffic network > Home Furnishing

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