Google to create a millionaire to buy luxury real estate business

clutching notes, Qiva director Manuel · Henry Chris found himself in California, Atherton (Atherton) to buy a house. Annoyed he kept asking myself, why not in the autumn of last year before they decided to buy a house, you know at that time, the new millionaire Google have not been able to come out. And now, accompanied by Google with Xianshanloushui Everfount upstarts to join the local real estate market, the strength of strong, impressive. San Francisco is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and San Jose Atherton (San Jose) of the junction, has always been the first choice of the Silicon Valley elite in the purchase of real estate. Such as eBay’s CEO Meg · Whitman in the place with the housing industry. More importantly, Atherton distance Google headquarters in mountain view, (Mountain View) can be predicted very close, there will be a large number of Google employees to choose in the home.

Google, the share price from $85 per share rose to about $300 per share, the company’s many employees are becoming a millionaire, new. From the beginning of September last year, there are a lot of Google to 3 million 500 thousand employees to purchase Atherton ~1780 million price of real estate, and more "Google" is the local search Hexin house.

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