Stationmaster net fourth SEM Wangzhuan training enrollment bidding

What is a

auction Wangzhuan is simply bidding?
in Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou on the purchase of advertising, to sell their products or services. Can also be said to pay advertising. Of course, a variety of forms of payment, in our course, we only focus on the search engine, do PPC advertising.
and bidding is an ideal product sales Wangzhuan in the network, its biggest characteristic is to obtain customer flow through the purchase of the source, the flow can search in Baidu keyword bidding, website advertising etc.. Any product, only to find the way through the network sales, are profiteering.

LVSHOU, super 57, through the network, a year to 3 hundred million

, tens of millions of small soft health pillow, may sell 100 thousand

you are not looking at a lot of master tutorial, when reading full of excitement. time to do, however, do not know how to start? Is not mastered a lot of ways of making money, or the return is not enhanced, around 1?

why bidding so you do after the violence. Why is money?

2 bidding process is simple, but the operation is not up to you??

3 bidding cost of investment operation is why you High income, rarely 4?

why your bidding flow, sales volume is very small?

5 for the account of why you do so for a long time, but the overall quality is not high??

6. Why do you do the bidding more and more tired? Not at all easy?

three we can to help you solve your difficulties?

1 of our courses for "bidding optimization division" crash course, suitable for no product, no technology, do not understand the marketing of individual entrepreneurs.

4" bidding optimization division ", is in the bidding operation process optimization, to help you every step of the details of the operation, help you do – let the loss of the auction money immediately. Make your site profitable, without increasing investment on the basis of, immediately raise 3-5 times earnings.

5 powerful circle of students. Contacts are power.

6 for Baidu account discount, discount customer service system, 40>

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