Small program is WeChat’s last chance How long can it do


small program and scraper.

science and technology in the field of the most famous hidden characters Zhang Xiaolong personally released, will accumulate in the past few years, all the public relations communication effect on their own in a small program.

it is hard to say, yesterday is quite good communication effect is a small program, or to Zhang Xiaolong.

even Ma Huateng himself repeatedly talked about a small program, also make the product release notice "small procedures issued" before the Spring Festival, this is the Tencent internal is rarely treated as top management Tencent, Pony rarely talk about specific products, not to mention the products not yet released.

so, look out from the small program treatment can, it is extremely important to WeChat, the top Tencent attaches great importance to and secure products. So there is no need to doubt the sincerity of WeChat in this small program, as well as Tencent investment.


is today the largest flow of products, for those small companies of WeChat in the small program to extend great admiration, and one can’t be wrong.

small program on Tencent is not important, it will not have a significant impact on the pattern of Internet competition

in fact, starting from the WeChat public platform, the whole of WeChat’s most embrace ecology, shouting WeChat subvert everything, it is not a big platform for large companies, but entrepreneurs and individual developers.

the so-called barefoot shoes are not afraid, when the Internet came to the "second half", entrepreneurs hope to have a product to smash the old world. From a certain point of view, this is the root cause of the high popularity of Zhang Xiaolong and WeChat team, such as drops in a new platform is completely dominated by the capital, a small program became the programmer’s final fantasy".

, however, today’s Internet world is dominated by large companies, and Ali extremely exclusive WeChat, we all want to have their own platform. Even from WeChat may have hundreds of millions of users of the Jingdong, is still not even a small program is not a WeChat entrance is not satisfied, you have to gradually transfer to the user’s own App.

so, when the small program released, all the big companies, large platforms are silent, which also includes many of its own business line Tencent. Tencent in long line of business, the importance of small procedures, is probably a Tencent zishuagu, not many users, facing new business competition.

investigate the reason, in the super strength of the overall strength of the Tencent, Tencent almost every bit of accumulation of products are hundreds of millions of users of large". Do you have your own platform WeChat dream, a small program dream, reading, security, animation, video, etc. which do not have to say, not to mention, a small program can not meet the functional requirements of these products.

so for Tencent, a small program is actually not so important products.

in today’s mobile Internet pattern, Tencent is the biggest winner, Tencent platform business are making rapid progress, security over 36>

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