The exploration of crowdsourcing translation in Chinese community media websites

Exploration of

, tiger and husk Yeeyan community media sites of

Author: Southern Weekend reporter Chen Zhong Road Intern Liu Shengnan from Shanghai

"Yeeyan as the representative of the Crowdsourcing translation website are actively looking for their own profit model, they go to stagger, but no one is not optimistic: more and more hope of a perspective to understand the world Chinese netizens gave them confidence."

if your language is not good, or too lazy to spend time in the vast Internet search effort, but want to look at the "New York Times", "the economist" and other international well-known media the latest articles, and then read the earth a corner of strange and eccentric blogs and comments, the best way is probably the new login, Yeeyan net, tiger, GoalHi football, shell network community media website. The content of "moving" to your eyes, are countless ordinary users like you stay in behind a computer.

from reward to crowdsourcing

on these sites, if you are a current lover, you can share the rest of the world media affairs Chinese perspective, and are usually not modified and original; if you are a football fan, you can find the latest continents sorcerer (potential young players) details, and the content does not usually appear in more love sports media chase star dynamic layout; if you are fans of science and technology, it can also read some foreign technology blog to capture the latest industry found.

users every time to complete the translation, can be obtained from the site community (or forum), but some points, a number of comments, a little popularity, and occasionally get a little reward. In the traditional media, their work is usually done by the employees of the company.

this is called Crowdsourcing (Crowdsourcing), a company will work in a voluntary form of outsourcing to non-specific public network approach, the United States is the concept of "IT" magazine well-known line, is known as the "long tail theory" after another important business concept.

Crowdsourcing is not a new thing, centuries ago, the British government to solve the longitude problem by public reward, is a kind of Crowdsourcing, now with the popularity of the Internet, Crowdsourcing in various fields as possible, Linux operating system development, Wikipedia, video sharing website YouTube has been regarded as a classic case of Crowdsourcing. Nowadays, translation has become a rising field of crowdsourcing.

company ( is typical of this kind of website, it was founded by the three Engineer in Chinese Silicon Valley work Zhao Jia Min, Zhang Lei and Zhao Kai, who is studying abroad before the three Tsinghua University students. The site originated from a translation of some technology and entrepreneurial blog "multi win" five years is an implementation of Crowdsourcing mode complete articles and books translation community. >

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