Stationmaster net broadcast WeChat transfer free end 2015 O2O death list

1.2015 O2O death list: too horrible to look at  

watched the winter coming, "death" can always easily touching, feeling. In particular, O2O venture, now can be said to be covered everywhere". O2O created a capital market boom, but also led to the decline of the industry and the bleak.

O2O is a cruel market, is still in the melee stage, its business model and profit path has not yet been fully understood. In the last year, I horse also summed up a batch of O2O death list, only tragic, quite shocking. But time goes by 2015, this trend has not stopped, or there are still a number of O2O platform announced the death, there are three basic reasons: homogenization serious, unclear profit model, capital strand breaks.

can not recover the past, things still. Today I horse again inventory since 2015 fall of these "martyrs", and summed up their cause of death, for the later.

2 years, China technology has 5 fields away from Silicon Valley, how did this happen?  

mobile payment, electricity providers, Internet banking, home services, online video…… In short, it must not be artificial intelligence.

20 years ago, when the Beijing municipal government will be built in Zhongguancun "Chinese Silicon Valley" slogan, sounds "overtaking" means that, despite a long period of time, here is the "digital products and computer repair a street".

now, you can see all kinds of ideas in Zhongguancun, keen on every passerby about the ideal coffee shop, the entrepreneurs to visit their admirers or high officials and noble lords. Originally sold in Zhongguancun computer city burner Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong will also bring the Nasdaq, the stock market also rose 30% a year.

3.QQ public disclosure play: support a key to share WeChat’s circle of friends to support outstanding account  

news October 22nd, the Tencent in 2015 open platform conference, QQ public play disclosed for the first time, including: support share to QQ space, WeChat circle of friends and other platforms; through a one-stop service window for the notification class news, news, information card polymerization, create a more efficient experience for the user; through the intelligent recommendation mechanism to support the outstanding public account; increase the information at the entrance to the QQ client, to fit the user’s browsing habits and hobbies reading.

in terms of operations, QQ public numbers will provide vertical solutions for the media, education, electricity providers and other areas of life services. For the media to provide information push services, and to help the transformation of traditional media; for the campus to provide customized features, to create a smart campus ecosystem for shopping public numbers based on social attributes to improve electricity supplier >

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